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About Us

       I am a hands-on, independent, fully licensed and insured, building contractor who serves
    the Twin Cities area. I have 25 yrs of experience behind me in residential
    construction. From the very high end, difficult construction to the garden variety, you
    will find great satisfaction in the work I do to enhance or preserve both the beauty and          
    integrity of your home. Please visit my Services page to see where I can help you.

    I also do a lot of the designing of my projects. With very powerful software I can show
    you what your project will look like in 3D before we even start. If you are a visual person
    this can be very helpful and can avoid mis-interpretation from contractor to client.

    I also have a reputation for working well with others. As I mentioned on my home page,
    I do this by communicating well with those I am working for or with. I invite you to
    request references.
                          DAKOTA CRAFTSMANLLC
4011 Glendale Drive
Excelsior, MN 55331
Phone: 612-760-0628
Fax: 952-470-6816
Email: pat@dkcraftsman.com
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