Communication is the Key!

    There are many fine contractors in the Twin Cities area to choose from. So
    why should you choose Dakota Craftsman over the other guys? I believe I
    have a leg up on the competition in the area of communicating with my
    clients. Not only are the project results exceptional, but I go out of my way
    to keep my clients up to date on what is going on throughout the entire
    process. From small projects like installing a door or window to large
    remodels, it is my goal to keep you well informed and comfortable with the
    process from our first meeting to the end of the project.

    Who is Dakota Craftsman?

    If you are wondering why, in the above paragraph, the terms "I" instead of
    "We" are used, it is because Dakota Craftsman is one person; Pat Fauth. Pat
    does as much of the work by himself as he can. When help is needed, he has
    access to a  wide network of independent and sub-contractors who work by
    the same standards of excellence as he does. Everyone is properly licensed
    and insured to give you peace of mind.
                   DAKOTA CRAFTSMANLLC
4011 Glendale Drive
Excelsior, MN 55331
Phone: 612-760-0628
Fax: 952-470-6816
Lic# 20637448
Serving Carver, Dakota and    
Hennepin counties.